GEICO Lives United

GEICO cheering crowd twoUnited Way of Long Island spent Veterans Day at GEICO’s Region Two headquarters in Woodbury, NY to honor their veteran associates and support Mission United, United Way of Long Island’s veteran assistance program. While they hoisted the Mission United flag, several of their annual giving campaign captains to shared their thoughts on why they give the “United Way.”

Mike, a 26-year employee of GEICO considers each of his co-workers family and extends a personal “thank you” to everyone who gives to United Way of Long Island. Mike’s son was diagnosed with Autism when he was two-years-old and he attributes the growth and development of his son’s education to Variety Child Learning Center in Syosset, a United Way of Long Island funded organization. Through Mike’s 20-year involvement with United Way of Long Island, he has urged donors to give to its General Fund as, “It helps to keep to doors open at over 100 partner agencies, like Variety Child Learning Center, that are funded by United Way of Long Island. I try to Live United every day and raise awareness of how many people on Long Island need help. For me, it’s personal.”


Victoria, a Claims Supervisor, is grateful that organizations like United Way of Long Island are there to lend support where it’s needed most within Long Island communities. She is also thankful to work for a company that provides her with a comfortable life and urges, “If you are at a place in life where you’re experiencing comfort, give back, because that donation may help someone else feel a little more comfortable and you never know when you might be in a position where you’re in need of a little help.”

Robin, a GEICO employee for 24 years, has been involved with United Way of Long Island for almost as much time. She believes that, “When you realize what your giving is does, you just want to give more. We need to be passionate about helping people.” She notes that living on Long Island, it is easy to overlook the suffering around us, but notes, “Even the most affluent areas need help. We need good jobs and salaries to promote growth and development.”

IMG_0828GEICO was founded to provide services to government employees, including military personnel, making Veterans Day of a significant importance to them. For more than 42 years, United Way of Long Island and GEICO have shared a partnership through their annual giving campaign. As one of Long Island’s largest employers, GEICO employs more than 3,300 associates, of whom 90% of them participate in their giving campaign, and GEICO’s Philanthropic Fund offers a 100% corporate match of all employee contributions is granted. Last year, GEICO raised more than $1,800,000, making them the largest employee donation campaign of United Way of Long Island.


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