YouthBuild Spends the Summer in Bellport

Brian, Educational Consultant and Recruiter for YouthBuild Long Island, looks ahead at what’s to come for the students enrolled in the YouthBuild Summer Program, based in Bellport. 

YouthBuild’s Summer 2017 kicked off July 5th with a community celebration at the Boys and Girls Club of the Bellport Area. For a second year in a row, made possible through support from Island Outreach Foundation, YouthBuild Long Island’s summer Bellport program offers young people, ages 18-24, a fun, innovative, and enriching way to spend the summer months. Students will partake in educational and engaging activities, while also participating in internships that will give them a chance to explore different career opportunities and have meaningful job experiences. Through YouthBuild Long Island, local businesses and organizations collaborate to create a life-enhancing learning atmosphere for students.

Summer field trips started with workshops at Theater 294, introducing the students to the different facets that come together to create a theater production. Next, students will visit Adventure Park where they will engage in high and low rope course exercises that will help develop team-building skills. Other trips include a visit and tour of Sony and Apple Stores as well as Fox News Studios in New York City. Over the course of the summer, students will understand the importance of education as they prepare to enter the workforce.

United Way of Long Island has partnered with Journey of Difference to lead career readiness workshops that will cover important topics including goal planning, time management, professional behavior, confidence, communications and power of listening. In addition, partnerships with local businesses and organizations offer students internships throughout Eastern Long Island. Companies and organizations including Long Island Head Start, Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk, Boys & Girls Club of the Bellport Area, H&W Staffing Solutions, and the South Country Library are all part of this initiative. The goal of these internships is to help students identify their own aspirations for the future, expose them to different careers, and ignite, within themselves, ideas of careers they would potentially want to pursue.

We are excited about the many things in store for the students. One participant, Aaliyah of Bellport, states, “I’m glad that the program has an interest in my future. It helps me think about different things I can do for a career.” Another student, Josiah of Bellport states, “It is definitely eye-opening. YouthBuild wants us to broaden our horizons. It’s going to be great for me not only to get paid but to learn.”

Through the summer program, these students are building the foundation they need to begin on the path toward a successful life. We look forward to watching them learn and grow.


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