A Letter of Gratitude

For 10 weeks in the spring, United Way of Long Island held a green construction course funded by the New York State Department of Labor for 25 students to learn the foundation of efficient building. One of those students, Eddie, wrote the following letter to express his gratitude for this life-changing opportunity after earning a new career with IBEW Local 25: 

DSC_0424Dear United Way of Long Island,

I was in a point in my life where I wasn’t too sure of what I wanted to do, after leaving my past job where there wasn’t much room for growth or development, it wasn’t for me. I felt like I needed to work on me, be more self empowered and figure out what I really wanted to do. While being unemployed, things started to get rough… low funds, doing job applications not getting any calls back. Then I had suffered an injury which gave me a  lack of confidence and made me less eager to succeed. I felt drained.

I would frequently visit the Department Of Labor office to look for job postings or any school programs that were coming up. While looking, a woman who worked there directed me towards this class, I started to review the list of what the class offered. The DOL class stood out to me, I felt like I could learn a lot and learn the basics on many different topics, which would help me find a direction of what I wanted to do.

Later, I was told the class was full, but I couldn’t accept that. That day I went down to the United Way office, I  insisted that I wanted to be apart of the class and I also expressed all the tools the class had that would help me succeed. I was highly impressed that Rick the program director was able to find a way to get me in, that made my day.

I didn’t think a lot of people who attended the class realized how much we were going to get from this program and the fact it was paid for by the New York State Department of Labor. By the second week I was highly fascinated, I saw that we were learning something serious so I made sure I would do well if I wanted to excel. Also what I liked about the class was that it introduced me to Volunteer opportunities which I always wanted to contribute to.

Close to the end of class we all took our BPI certification test, I was able to obtain the highest score in the class!! I felt really good, like I accomplished something major. Made me believe if I put my mind to something, I can achieve it.

After class, I fixed my resume and went on interviews and I was able to volunteer for the first time which I enjoyed. I filled out applications. I got calls back from engineering jobs, based on what I had learned from class. I never thought something like that would happen, it changed my mindset completely. I was fascinated with how many different types of engineering jobs, and union jobs all that I probably would’ve never had clear knowledge about if it wasn’t for the class.

Less then a week after graduation, I was able to secure a job I would’ve never thought I’d get so quickly. The course built up my confidence, feeling like I could go for positions I didn’t think I was qualified for but got calls for interviews.

I want to say that Steve did a great job of instructing the class, and from the beginning he challenged me to keep going , to think differently, and not give up. He provided me with the direction I needed to find the information that I wanted. I guess he saw something in me that I could really succeed, and I’m so grateful for that and grateful that Rick was able to get me in the class.


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