United Way of Long Island Interns Take on Summer Youth Employment Professional Development Day

Allison Peteka and Gary Sautner


On August 3rd, we had the opportunity to attend the annual Summer Youth Employment Professional Development Day through our Summer Youth Employment Program funded by Bank of America. They heard from a panel of credible speakers including Tracey Edwards, commissioner for NYS Public Service, Brandon Ray, who recently wrote the credited book “Synergy Me!” about networking, Mario Tica, senior vice president of global commercial banking at Bank of America, and our own Sean O’Gara, who was a part of United Way’s SYEP funded by Bank of America and was hired afterword as a full-time employee.  

SYEP Professional Development Day attendees

Gary Sautner-Marketing Intern

Each speaker had brought their own unique experiences and perspective on the importance of relationship building and networking. As a young college student, I am always trying to learn how I can be more appealing to companies and today I was able to expand upon such knowledge. One of the quotes that truly stuck with me was when Mario Tica was adding his take to the importance of growing from experience, “As good as you may be, there’s always something more you can learn. You’ll be learning for the rest of your life.” This quote really stayed with me because it provided a unique perspective for me. It gave me the courage to understand that if I go to a networking event and it doesn’t go as I planned, I can use this as a learning experience. 

Allison with panelist Brandon Ray and a copy of his book

Allison Peteka-Marketing Intern

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the annual Summer Youth Employment Professional Development Day that was hosted here at United Way of Long Island.  The day started out with each panelist introducing themselves and their background, following was an enlightening Q&A session that I found myself taking punctual notes to remember the tips they gave out for the future. They spread especially valid information about the concept of networking and walking the fine line between keeping in contact and coming off as needy. Ray gave an interesting tip about having your own personal board of directors, Tica mentioned using email and LinkedIn to keep in touch with former employees. I took both of these tips as they came and will be using them in the future. They all collectively touched on the concept of an “elevator speech” and doing research on potential employers beforehand to always give that speech anywhere at any time to a potential future employer. Overall, the conference was a great experience and I am honored that I got to experience it, and use its tips toward a great future for myself. Thank you again to Bank of America for funding this excellent opportunity.  

Project Endurance

Christina Colletti, Allison Peteka, Gary Sautner, Antonia Dimarco

United Way of Long Island has partnered with the Project Etopia Group from the United Kingdom to build the first home in the United States with the Etopia Build System, facilitating, high-quality, resilient, all electric, low – carbon housing in Britain and beyond. The property at 78 south 30th Street in Wyandanch, was donated from the Suffolk County Landbank. In return for this generous gift, United Way made it their mission to develop and sell the house to an income eligible homebuyer for a discounted price. The participants from United Way’s VetsBuild and YouthBuild used their recent skills and certifications to build this house from the ground up and given them the experience they needed to get a job in the industry in the future. The marketing interns at United Way of Long Island had a very hands on experience with the project and have shared their stories below.

Christina, Allison, & Antonia visiting the Project Endurance job site


Today, I had the pleasure of visiting the Project Endurance house. The goal is to provide performance, cost efficient, and sustainable living solutions to the residents of Long Island.  It was so inspiring to see some of the YouthBuild and VetsBuild graduates using their newly learned skills to better the community. Not only do these programs help the participants to find long term career paths, but they are improving the environment by building houses that are energy efficient and with solar panels that will produce net zero energy usage. We spoke to and interviewed Jeremy, who oversees Etopia in the United States. He states that they have been working on this project for over a year, where they have brought new building science and construction methods from the United Kingdom to the United States. He also told us about the floor plan where they kept the plumping concise so there are fewer pipes, and overall, fewer things that could go wrong. We got to ask Lee, who is a member of Project Etopia International, what makes this project special to him. He expressed that this is the first building made of these materials in the US. The walls are like giant panels made out of materials that are wind and fire resistant. We were able to see them laying the frame and starting to create the base of a soon to be energy efficient home. This was an extremely exciting experience and I cannot wait to see the house when it is finished.  

On Thursday, there was a panel raising event where Steve Bellone, County Executive of Suffolk County, attended and spoke about the importance of energy efficiency. It was really great to be surrounded by so many people who care about the environment and the common good of the community. We were able to take pictures and videos of the participants as they continued their work and also saw what they had to say about their experience. They were also very knowledgeable about the new technology in the materials and what made this partnership and project mean so much to them. There was a demonstration at the event where they took a sample of the wall panels and put a direct flame from a blow torch on it for about 2 minutes and there was hardly any damage. There was only a small circle that was charred. This demonstration really showed just how advanced these materials are. Rick, the housing director at United Way, explained that the house is like a giant cooler since the walls are designed to keep the house air sealed, therefore it won’t get too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.  

The next week, the team put in the last panel of the house and the frame was finally finished. It was so amazing to see the smiles and hear the cheers of the participants who have worked so hard and made their mark on the house and their community. This truly was an amazing experience and being able to follow along with the process has taught me so much about energy initiatives. Etopia and United Way have worked so well together and have created a friendship for life. I hope that both organizations continue their dedication and hard work to helping to create a better planet for all of its current and future inhabitants.

The Project Endurance team


I had the honor of visiting the building site for three days while the framing was being completed and the foundation was being placed. It was truly an experience I will never forget. They mapped out the home and dug into the ground to place a cement foundation. By the time I went back two days later, the framing was being placed to create a structure for the beginnings of the home. It was unlike anything I had seen before. The material of the framing itself was very unique, a demonstration of the fireproof material was displayed, with two minutes of it being directly lit with a blowtorch, there was nothing more than slight soot marks incased of the material, it was truly incredible. Heading back there a few days later to watch the final piece of framing being placed was heartwarming. Seeing this process from the start, only a week prior, watching the VetsBuild and YouthBuild members working so heavily on something that will be so impactful on the future of homes was amazing.

The team installing the last panel


This week, I got the opportunity to visit the site where Project Endurance is building a new, energy-efficient home in Wyandanch. After seeing the plans for this house, I know it is going to be an environmentally friendly way to live. The first day I was there, I got to see the foundation of the house being built and the concrete was poured. They were able to build the house frame in only three days because of the materials from Etopia UK. The amount of time and energy put into this project by the Etopia and United Way team, as well as the students in YouthBuild and VetsBuild, is going to be extremely rewarding when a first-time home buyer eventually buys this house. This house is special because this is the first build in the U.S. that uses these advanced materials and exemplifies a carbon neutral way to live. It also has a concentrated layout which allows for more effective plumbing and electricity. I am proud to be able to look over this project with the teams working on it and I am excited for someone to be able to live in this amazing home!

Gary helping to unload the panels


On June 27th, I came into work as if it were any other Monday morning. However, what happened that day was far from a ‘normal’ day of work. I had helped unload a truck filled with panels that would be used to build a house for Project Endurance. After spending some time at the job site, and seeing the walls get put up I was amazed and honored to have had such a small part in this project. It was awesome to talk to some of the workers at the project who had come from the VetsBuild program here at United Way of Long Island and what working on a project like this had meant to them. After interviewing one of the workers at the job site, here is what he had to say about working on this project: “Being able to help design and build a house for someone is a great honor for someone like me. It has given me the chance to continue to give back to a community that I love, and I’ve loved every second of it.” Hearing someone who has worked all day during a heat wave carrying heavy metal panels, cutting up planks, measuring certain angles, has really changed my perspective on what it means to have the privilege of hard work and I’m extremely honored to be a part of a company who can provide this type of experience for people.  


Interns’ Hands-On Experience at United Way of LI

Allison Peteka and Christina Colletti

During our time at this internship so far, we have had the privilege of attending many events through United Way of Long Island and within the specific programs the organization offers. Our recent experiences have been catered specifically to VetsBuild, where we have witnessed a demonstration of building solar panels and test flying drones. We also went on an educational tour of the E3 SmartBuild Training Center, which acts as a cornerstone for the VetsBuild program and YouthBuild, the latter being a program for youth, ages 18-24, seeking a pathway to success.

VetsBuild participants demoing solar panel installation

On June 28th, United Way of Long Island and PSEG Long Island recognized the importance of our veterans and the sacrifices they have made to protect our freedom. VetsBuild provided a demonstration of state-of-the-art free solar panel training provided by the PSEG Foundation. Veterans were able to show off the skills they learned such as framing, wiring, and installing the solar panels, which will prepare them for a potential career in the renewable energy industry. Michael Voltz, the director of energy efficiency and renewables, and Rachel Laughlin Lane, US Air Force Veteran and program manager of electric vehicles from PSEG Long Island joined the veterans and shared their insights into the renewable energy field. We got to see firsthand the collaboration and teamwork the veterans demonstrated and how much they trusted their director Stephen Muzyeka instructing them. It was inspiring to see how far they have come in the program.  

VetsBuild participants flying drones

On June 30th the VetsBuild program continued with an exercise of drone flying. This skill is used to scan and analyze the architecture site to properly prepare for construction. Each of the participants took turns in flying the drone in a sample route and landing it steadily onto the target. Not only was this lesson informational, but it was fun for the applicants as well, they were very eager to practice again in the second round.

Rick Wertheim showcasing diorama house model

Later in the day, we had the opportunity to see the E3 SmartBuild Training Center, located near United Way’s headquarters in Deer Park. The organization’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and provides hands-on experience to the students. The housing team trains the participants in building science, energy efficiency, and green construction, and allows them to earn certification to expand their career opportunities. We were very impressed when we walked inside and saw their house model equipped with many floors and rooms each designed to teach the students a specific skill. As the picture above shows, Rick Wertheim, SVP, housing development, sustainability and training, is explaining the diorama that mimics the house for the students to practice on before they preform the skills in the house model and eventually in an actual house. We described the E3 SmartBuild Training Center as being ahead of its time and a great place to be getting hands-on experience.

Summer Youth Internship Program Summer 2022

Interns selling raffles

Allison Peteka, Marketing Intern

Bank of America has been providing a grant to the United Way of Long Island for the past 10 years to conduct a Summer Youth Employment Program for students in the Long Island area. This year, the United Way of Long Island was able to hire six marketing interns for the summer. This past Thursday, we had a very busy day helping out at United Way of Long Island’s biggest fundraising event of the year, the United Together Celebration sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union that was held at the Crest Hollow Country Club. We all worked tirelessly during the day from helping set up decorations throughout the entire hall to networking with attendees to clean up after it was all over. United Way of Long Island is proud to announce that the fundraiser was a huge success! Over $600K was raised for the nonprofit organization that goes directly to those in need all over the island.  

The purpose of the event being to raise as much money as possible to not only directly help those in need on the island but also to integrate it into the many programs United Way [of Long Island] offers to those in less developed areas on Long Island. My experience at the event as truly enlightening, I not only felt empowered but proud at the work my many colleagues and myself put in to incorporating fun events throughout the program to raise as much money as possible. My job at the event was to be a “runner,” talk to as many people as possible from all different companies and organizations, network with them and help them buy raffle tickets with many fun reward packages such as a TV and the Fourth of July special (which happened to be a crowd favorite). I am proud to announce that with all our efforts that we raised over $600K. I am excited to see how many people and families this money helps all over Long Island and I feel very grateful to even help in a small piece in that. 


Isabella Colarossi, Marketing Intern

I had a really great experience overall at the United Together event this past Thursday. Throughout the day, I helped sell raffle tickets and gain some experience as a salesperson trying to sell my product, aka the raffles. It was super fun to see people get excited to win prizes and truly get involved with the raffle area. Additionally, I took some photos and helped put together what turned out to be a fantastic event. I am truly so grateful to have an opportunity like this to learn life skills, like communication and networking. It makes me feel so special to be a part of an organization like United Way Long Island that raised over 600,000! Thank you everyone that supported us and contributed to our cause, you are the reason I am able to gain the experience of working for such an amazing organization! 

Selling raffle tickets

Christina Colletti, Marketing Intern

The United Together fundraising event for the United Way of Long Island sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union was a huge success. The Crest Hollow Country Club was the perfect venue that created a welcoming environment and enabled us to have such a great experience. I had the opportunity to help set up the event, as well as distribute raffle tickets to the guests as they walked around looking at the prizes. It was amazing to see how many people wanted to buy raffle tickets, not just because they had a chance of winning something, but because they knew that their donations would be given to those who needed them most. It was an honor to be a part of this event that has raised over $600,000 to advance the common good throughout Long Island and create opportunities for a better life in the community.  

Fundraiser entrance

Gary Sautner, Marketing Intern

This past Thursday at the United Way of Long Island Fundraiser at the Crest Hollow Country Club, I had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand what a true corporate event looks and feels like from a new perspective. At the event, I was one of six “runners” going around reading name tags, shaking hands trying to sell raffle tickets. It was a tremendous experience going around and attempting to build a 30-second connection with someone to spark a potential “working relationship.” Everyone I spoke to was extremely kind and respectful, even those who did not want to buy a raffle gave me the time of day and let me down gracefully! Watching all the speakers as well was fantastic. I was blown away by how much of an impact United Way of Long Island truly has on Long Island, and it is a privilege to say that I am a very small part in it.  

Sarah and her Dad

Sarah Calone, Marketing Intern

As always, my experience at the United Way’s UNITED TOGETHER Celebration was incredibly rewarding. I’m always grateful to have the opportunity to be present with such inspirational community leaders at the event. It was empowering to be able to see all those people gathered together in one place in support of the United Way and its efforts. It was always astounding how the leaders of Long Island are able to come together and work tirelessly to achieve better standards of living for the people here and I’m very honored to have been able to be present to celebrate those accomplishments. Being able to contribute to the event through setup, cleanup, and raffle ticket sales helped me understand the importance of even small roles in large community and was an experience that I will always be extremely grateful for.  

Fundraiser at Crest Hallow Country Club

Antonia DiMarco, Marketing Intern

I had such a great time at the United Together Celebration sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union at the Crest Hollow Country Club this past Thursday. At the event, we helped honor organizations and local leaders that donated to our mission. I was able to help distribute raffle tickets for the prizes we had at the event. I also was able to gather some photos and help assist anyone when needed. United Way of Long Island is such an amazing organization and I am so grateful to be able to have this opportunity. It was extremely rewarding that I was able to be a part of this event and we are ecstatic to say that we raised over $600,000. Thank you to everyone who attended and/or donated for our mission! 

Preparing For the Future

Sean- Marketing Intern

For the past 10 years, the Bank of America has been providing a grant to the United Way of Long Island to conduct a Summer Youth Employment Program. Through this program, United Way places young people in need of work in positions as summer interns at not-for-profit organizations across Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Many not-for-profit organizations have limited resources so the program is a win-win for all.

Each year, the Bank of America conducts a Professional Development Day for the over 30 interns in the program.  I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s event titled “Preparing for the Future”. The seminar was geared toward helping the interns attending plan for their future as it pertains to spending, saving, and investing as well as understanding the importance of our social media presence and the interview process.

The webinar was well received and created by various high-positioned employees of Bank of America, this included Bob Isaksen, Long Island President as well as senior executives from Human Resources, Learning and Development and Wealth Management.  I can confidently state that I have sharpened my knowledge of budgeting and investing in just three hours.

Aside from the financial literacy workshop material, the other speakers touched on the importance of professional job formalities like etiquette, social media brand/presence, and the subtle art of building a sufficient resume. It was eye-opening to hear the different opinions that the speakers held about these topics because it almost felt like a behind-the-scenes look at the interview process from the other side of the spectrum.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn from and speak with the presenters who are a part of such a massive company like Bank of America and I believe the other interns were as well. Something in particular that I found extremely useful were the many detailed projected graphs which depicted possible savings for a person, based on budget. Also displayed were spending statistics for our age group (14-25) that quickly made me want to refrain from ever buying takeout or delivery food again, which was said to make up over 25% of our age demographics’ spending.

There were numerous helpful tips included, which seem inherently priceless for young and fresh people in the workforce like myself. I appreciate the time and work put into this event because it ran smoothly and efficiently for all; a testament to the employees involved and I extend a genuine thank you to Bank of America!

Field Day: Interns Take an Offsite Trip

Last week, United Way of Long Island’s marketing and community impact interns got a chance to experience three of the organization’s programs firsthand. The group took a trip to the YouthBuild classroom, E3 SmartBuild Training Center and community partner Pronto.

Through the offsite trip, each interned gained a more comprehensive understanding of United Way of Long Island’s efforts and how their work contributes to advancing the common good of Long Island. Here’s what the interns took away:

Daniel, Marketing Intern

Over time, I’ve learned to trust my five senses over my reading comprehension. But during my first month at United Way of Long Island, I was constrained to the latter. I came to understand the organization and its programs primarily by reading the website and sitting in on meetings and phone calls. Occasionally, I was fortunate enough to learn through presentations.  

That is, until last Wednesday’s off-site trip. With stops at United Way’s YouthBuild classroom, E3 SmartBuild Training Center and a local community partner, the day gave me an opportunity to see United Way in action. After spending a month reading about building a better Long Island community through health, education and financial stability, Wednesday’s trip gave me a chance to see what that means firsthand.  

I won’t soon forget the sound of a YouthBuild teacher creating a better future for her students, the smell of the fresh wood in the SmartBuild lab striving for net zero energy, and the sight of a local food distribution and thrift center providing life essentials. The experience brought my cubicle computer screen to life, adding the sincerity of faces and places to the work we do at United Way of Long Island. 

Experiencing these programs in person allowed me to see United Way from a different angle and appreciate the organization’s work on a deeper level. The profound impact on local lives is undeniable, and the opportunity to directly contribute within my own community is invaluable.

Samara, Community Impact Intern

This field trip was truly an eye-opener and a great way to see how United Way of Long Island works throughout many communities in need. I learned so much about how each place impacts people in the community for the better. 

At YouthBuild, I had the opportunity to gain a better understanding how the TASC and GED work while getting to hear from students who are currently studying for these tests. It was great to learn how that program can enhance their futures and lead them to careers rather than just jobs. 

Similar to YouthBuild, we went to SmartBuild Training Center, where we toured the center and learned all about how United Way of Long Island stays at the top 1% nationwide in home energy efficiency. Most of the houses produce more energy than they use. 

Lastly, we visited a nonprofit called Pronto. Founded by Christian leaders, Pronto’s mission is to feed the hungry, clothe the needy, welcome all strangers, and provide healing and hope to all those who need. They host numerous events that bring the community together each year. 

The trip gave me great insight into how United Way of Long Island helps people in the communities, whether they’re students who dropped out of high school looking to have a livelihood for themselves, to people in need of a home, and to the needy looking for assistance in any area of their lives.

Nick, Marketing Intern

Since I began my internship at United Way, I was familiar with many of the programs we support. However, while working from the office, I could only read and learn about our work, so it was an honor and a great experience to tour these wonderful facilities in person. We made stops at the YouthBuild School, the E3 SmartBuild Training Center and community partner Pronto.   

One part of the day that will certainly stick with me was visiting the E3 SmartBuild Training Center. Inside the facility, veterans and YouthBuild students are trained to build smart energy-efficient homes. During the tour, an emphasis on efficiency was clear. It’s easy to see why the program has helped build multiple homes which earned accolades from the U.S. Department of Energy.  

At Pronto, I was really impressed by the organization’s ability to provide more than just the immediate assistance – like food distribution and thrift clothing — that they already excel at. Pronto is planning more than 20 upcoming events for the Brentwood community that include movie nights, holiday festivities and even a day of remembrance for their local heroes.  

Afterwards, we came back to the office for lunch with some of our staff and the students from YouthBuild. While we ate lunch, we learned more about some of the goals and aspirations of the YouthBuild students, which ranged from earning a CDL license to become a commercial truck driver to launching a clothing line.  

It was a great day to visualize the programs that we work with so much and to learn more about United Way’s history during our lunch. 

Michael, Community Impact Intern

Going on the orientation tour and visiting United Way’s partner agencies was really an eye-opener. A few of my favorite aspects visiting the E3 and meeting the students at YouthBuild. Visiting the SmartBuild lab and seeing how everything worked, especially the net zero energy homes, was truly inspiring. 

Not only does it demonstrate having a well-constructed home but it also goes easy on your financial situation for you not to have to pay for electricity. It truly convinced me to look into it when I get older and decide to own a home. Additionally, seeing the way things worked such as the lines of water in the ground producing heat and the air filters really satisfied my curiosity and how I was able to use my prior knowledge and make connections.  

My biggest highlight was the YouthBuild classroom. Seeing people taking time to help others, who may have not had the same opportunity to pursue their education, was truly motivating. Even more respect to those who are willing to endure the hardships they took on to try and fight for a better life than what they have. It truly made me consider wanting to step into the educational field in the future to help those in need. 

Sean, Marketing Intern

Last week, my fellow interns and I got the opportunity to visit Pronto Food pantry and thrift store, the YouthBuild suite and massive E3 Smartbuild training center. Pronto is one of the selfless partners of United Way of Long Island. Their motto especially stood out to me, “Feed the hungry, clothe the needy, and welcome all strangers.” 

At YouthBuild, we got a very detailed and heartfelt description of the program from the head professor, who touched on potential adversity the students enrolled could have withstood before coming here.  It was a special place with an exorbitant amount of love and support surrounding the students trying to make their way.   

The E3 Smartbuild training center had me in awe.  It is a massive warehouse, with a model house built on the inside with nothing but state of the art appliances.  It’s here where the students of YouthBuild can learn trades and even earn different types of certifications in construction disciplines.  The man who teaches these hardworking people is Stephen Muzyka, who knew everything and more about construction and home building.   

I really enjoyed getting firsthand experience while visiting these people and places.  Another humbling day spent the United Way of Long Island and a nice break from the office life I’ve quickly grown accustomed to.   

A Banner Impact

Within my first few days of working at United Way of Long Island, I was able to attend and experience an event that was weeks in the making – United Way’s Virtual Salute. This event honored and showcased everyday heroes throughout our community and, in my opinion, the campaign certainly achieved that goal. During the past year, so many people have made positive impacts during a time when their communities needed it most, and the Virtual Salute was a great way to give them the recognition they deserve.  

The campaign did not end at the Virtual Salute, I was actually able to help contribute and honor these heroes. I did so by helping print and display banners that hang right outside of the entrance to our office. In total, the banners span over 100 feet!. They feature the faces of all the workforce heroes that were recognized as well as the event sponsors.

It was amazing to see a glimpse of the hard work behind the scenes to make this all possible. Even though I’ve only been working at United Way for a few weeks now, I can see how dedicated the team is and hanging the banners outside is a perfect example of how United Way goes above and beyond to showcase their appreciation for our neighbors.

If you missed the Virtual Salute and want to learn about the campaign or the hundreds of heroes that were honored, you can access the Wall of Heroes at www.unitedwayli.org/wallofheroes.

-Nick, Marketing Intern

Team Effort

Daniel Dash Marketing Intern

Throughout my life, I’ve been part of countless teams. Whether it be on the court, on the field or in the classroom, working towards a major goal alongside others has always brought out the best in me. 

Now, as a summer marketing intern at United Way of Long Island, I’m representing my most important team yet. Along with two other interns, I hit the ground running at the beginning of June as United Way prepared for its Virtual Salute. On our first day at the office, someone within the department dropped a one-liner in the flow of conversation that has resonated over my first few weeks. 

Your job title is only 25 percent of what you do. 

It didn’t take a thorough orientation to know that working at a non-profit would make for a hands-on summer. But it quickly became clear that the 25 percent rule would define my everyday role. During the days leading up to the Virtual Salute, I was able to witness the team in action. Devoting days to packing and delivering kits, assembling a special hero presentation and planning a candlelight tribute — all while keeping up with United Way’s other projects and programs — made for a memorable first week. 

Working on so many things at a single time means our department is constantly pulled in different directions. It’s a lot of ground to cover, but the fact that United Way makes such a profound impact on the Long Island community makes it worth every moment. And now, I’ve gotten a peek behind the curtain at the special team that runs the show. 

From little league baseball to college volleyball, teams have always taught me to play for trophies. But this summer, playing for my neighbors and my own community has proved far more rewarding. 

A Salute to Our Heroes

Sean O’Gara- Marketing Intern

On my fourth day interning at United Way of Long Island, I found myself taken aback by the collective effort and preparation that went into the first “event” I experienced here.  Today the organization concluded the “Virtual Salute” campaign in a way that couldn’t be more fitting for the times we are all still living in.  The final day of the Virtual Salute campaign entailed a gigantic zoom call between the staff at United Way of Long Island and the 200+ Workplace Heroes we are all so grateful for.  It was very literally a virtual salute to these people for contributing or raising funds to go towards many different people who were financially impacted by Covid-19.

The commencement-sized call went really well in my opinion and I believe the donors enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it myself, but from my perspective it was more of a gentle reminder of why I originally wanted to intern for an organization like United Way of Long Island.  Directly impacting people under tough circumstances, weekly, daily?  Today was just my first primary example of what an experienced and impactful Non–Profit would be like.  As a person who just joined the crew 4 shifts ago, I do understand that I’m only seeing a small glimpse of the work completed, comparative to the tip of an iceberg- but that is precisely why I respect these new faces immensely.  I myself worked pretty hard these past two weeks, so I can only imagine the people who devote themselves full time to others to create and execute amazing fundraising events such as this! Click the link below to learn more about the Virtual Salute campaign, or just browse our Wall of Heroes!

Virtual Salute: Wall of Heroes | United Way of Long Island (unitedwayli.org)

Honoring Workforce Heroes who Make a Positive Impact

Is there someone you know or who you work with that has made a difference in our community during the Covid 19 health crisis? A person or co-worker in your life who has shown care, courage, and compassion during this past year, which has been extraordinarily challenging?

Honor them by submitting them to United Way of Long Island’s Wall of Heroes. 

Submit your Workforce Hero Today!

Then, on June 16, cheer on your hero during the Virtual Salute & Recognition Ceremony, which will include a Candle Lighting Tribute to remember lives lost to COVID-19 over the past year. Funds raised will support Long Island families who have been affected by COVID-19.

For more information and full details about this event visit www.unitedwayli.org/wallofheroes or contact Vickie Cella at vcella@unitedwayli.org.